Political Events

WIN provides our members with opportunities to volunteer and work for campaigns, shape the agenda for the next generation of Democrats and pro-choice activists, and train to meet the demands of political work and public office. WIN members are committed to supporting a pro-choice, Democratic agenda. WINners network, share resources, and offer each other encouragement to promote change on Capitol Hill, across the country, and around the globe.

Our power is in our collective action. We work to protect a woman's right to access medically accurate information and safe, affordable reproductive healthcare services. Every lecture and information session we host, social event we sponsor, and volunteer activity we promote is designed with this end in mind - to provide our membership with ways to gain power through experience and to take political action.

The 2016 mid-term elections will be a particularly important time for young, pro-choice Democratic women to make our voices heard. Email our Political Director at political@winonline.org and follow us on Twitter at @winonline to keep up with our latest political events.

Each year, WIN celebrates the pro-choice, Democratic women of Congress with the Congressional Council Reception on the Hill. This is an exclusive event for WIN members and provides a unique opportunity to hear from the women in Congress who embody and represent WIN's values and mission.

To learn more about the Congressional Council Reception, please contact political@winonline.org.