Scholarship Program

WIN's Scholarship Program

Partial membership scholarships available for women identifying with Democratic, pro-choice values and residing in Washington, D.C.

The Ambassador Network proposed this scholarship program to cover partial membership expenses for new WIN members. The WIN Scholarship program originated with the belief that female peers can be the most effective allies in helping other women to reach their goals.


  • Applicant demonstrates a commitment to WIN’s core values, specifically:
  • Supporting women, professionally and politically;
  • Supporting Democratic candidates, and promoting Democratic  values;
  • Defending our pro-choice values and a woman's right to choose;
  • Training and empowering young women to become the next generation of  leaders in Washington and beyond
  • Applicant is NOT a current WIN member
  • Applicant commits to actively participating in the WIN community by attending network events and other regular programming
  • Applicant agrees to promote WIN among her friends, colleagues, co-workers and broader network
  • Applicant demonstrates a commitment to giving back to WIN either through volunteering, serving on a leadership team, or in some other way
  • Applicant demonstrates some degree of economic hardship

Application Process

Complete the online application form answering the questions below:

   1. Name, contact information, job information, income information

   2. One paragraph detailing interest in WIN and commitment to WIN’s   values

   3. One paragraph detailing ideas and commitment to giving back to WIN and to promoting WIN among personal networks.

   4. One paragraph highlighting current financial hardship

   5. WIN History: Have you attended a previous WIN event? How did you learn about WIN?

   6. How did you learn about the scholarship program?

If you have questions, please contact our Membership Director at