The WIN Story

In 1989, a talented group of young, pro-choice, Democratic women returned to DC after working on the Dukakis campaign. When they realized that all their male counterparts were getting all the best jobs in town, these women wanted to level the playing field. They went to women who were already established in DC and asked for their help.

The Women's Information Network (WIN) started that year among this group of young women at a small dinner party at Karen Mulhauser’s home. The founders shared stories, experiences, and ideas, and the dinner lasted into the morning. The women discussed how to find jobs, where to go to meet people, how they had planned their lives, and how they turned all the unplanned parts of their lives into success. These women committed to forming WIN to create opportunities for both young and established women to continue meeting, mentoring, and sharing resources with like-minded women.

WINners began by meeting for resume swaps, happy hours, and to plan fundraisers for Democratic, pro-choice women candidates. WIN created Women Opening Doors for Women (WODW), and later Young Women of Achievement awards (YWA), to bring all WIN members together at two highly anticipated events each year.

In 1996, WIN moved job resources online through the renowned WINlist, a members-only email listserv, where WIN members post jobs, upcoming events, political actions, and more. Today, the earliest WIN members have the best jobs in DC and they are dedicated to sharing their career resources and opening doors to younger WIN women.

To learn more about the women who lead WIN, visit our WIN Leadership page.