Linking Leaders

Linking Leaders dinners are an opportunity for WIN members to meet, network, and build relationships with WIN's Advisory Council (AC) and Sustainers.

Held monthly, these events provide a casual, intimate social setting in which WINners, Sustainers, and AC members can interact over coffee, dinner, or drinks. WIN facilitates resource- and advice-sharing by bringing together future leaders and women currently in leadership roles.

Because mentor relationships form from successful networking, Linking Leaders also provides the opportunities for WINners, Sustainers, and AC members to meet potential mentors and mentees. Here's a list of Linking Leaders dinners we've had in the past.

Linking Leaders 2013-2014 with AC Director Xenia Ruiz

November 2013: Karen Mulhauser
December 2013: Darcy Scott Martin
January 2014: Lisa Maatz
March 2014: Liz Chadderdon
April 2014: Joi Chaney

Linking Leaders 2012-2013 with AC Director Atima Omara-Alwala

October 2012: Karen Mulhauser
November 2012: Lisa Maatz
December 2012: Heather Booth
January 2013: Gail Silberglied
January 2013: Rene Redwood
February 2013: Sam Bennett
March 2013: Gloria Totten
April 2013: Liz Chadderdon
June 2013: Crystal Plati

Linking Leaders 2009-2010 with AC Director Sarah McCall

September 2009: Sima Osdoby
December 2009: Joy Holland
January 2010:Lisa Maatz
February 2010: Heather Booth
March 2010: Alice Cohan
April 2010: Margie Omero
May 2010: Crystal Plati
July 2010: Liz Chadderdon

Linking Leaders 2008-2009 with AC Director Lily Davidson

September 2008: Sammie Moshenberg
October 2008: Gail Ravnitzky Silberglied
November 2008: Mary Jane Gallagher
January 2009: Pat Reuss
February 2009: Crystal Plati
March 2009: Tracy Sturdivant
April 2009: Mary Jean Collins
May 2009: Lisa Maatz
June 2009: Alice Cohan
July 2009: Liz Chadderdon